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As a former DJ on XM Satellite Radio I created and hosted over 120 hours of long form shows for the service, as well as performing a daily shift for the channel, XM 72 Beyond Jazz.
These shows featured the best of the new funk jazz, jamband jazz, swamp boogie, N'awlins Jazz, booty moving music you could not get anywhere else over the airwaves. I showcased the jazz that is happening RIGHT NOW. I am still a Jazz enthusiast and always will be. Maybe some day I will make these shows available again in some format. Stay tuned....

I have always loved the spontaneity of capturing photos of people and places that I have visited, marking a moment that has passed, one that would be gone forever, save for my picture. In a way it is personal memory documentation, but it is also capturing the human spirit in vistas, landscapes, architecture and faces. It's a way of rescuing a moment by using the camera, and in that way stopping time and holding it. Here are some of my favorite moments from my favorite city, New Orleans, LA... And my absolute favorite pasttime... seeing live music.
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All of my varied experience defined for you in one place.

Updated January 2010


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